Working in the Missouri Legislature

April 21, 2010

By Daniel McConchie

It’s  a key time of year in the Missouri legislature as several pro-life bills are currently pending.  Earlier this week I joined our state director in Missouri Kerry Messer to lobby legislators on several key pieces of legislation:

SB 793 would expand the informed consent protections in the state as well as opt the state out of the abortion mandate in federal health care bill.

HB 1010 would fund Missouri’s alternatives to abortion program, which gives funding to pregnancy centers and maternity homes, by nearly $2 million for the next fiscal year

HB 2252 would reauthorize the tax credits given to Missouri citizens when they donate to pregnancy centers

SB 971 would ensure that pregnant women learn about the potential benefits of banking their newborn’s umbilical cord blood

There’s only three weeks left in the session, but we are very hopeful that all of these vital bills will pass yet this year.  If you live in Missouri, contact your representative and senator and encourage them to support each of these bills by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 573-751-2000.  If you don’t know who your legislator is, visit

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