Yoest: Executive Order “blatant attempt to subvert democracy”

March 20, 2010

“The proposal to address the problem of abortion funding in the health care bill through use of an Executive Order is a tacit acknowledgement that the bill as it stands is pro-abortion legislation. Both the President and the Speaker have repeatedly denied this stark fact.

The American people overwhelmingly do not want to see their tax dollars go toward abortion and that is why Speaker Pelosi cannot mobilize a majority coalition for passage.  Her multiple attempts to construct esoteric parliamentary maneuvers to circumvent the clear will of the people is unconscionable.  This Executive Order proposal is wrong in principle because it would be designed to retroactively address an issue after Congress, as the direct representatives of the people, failed to do so.

However it also does not succeed in application. An Executive Order cannot prevent insurance companies that pay for abortions from participating in the exchanges.  Further, Executive Orders can be undone or modified as quickly as they are created.  This is a blatant attempt to subvert democracy and should be quickly quashed.”

- Dr. Charmaine Yoest, President & CEO of Americans United for Life Action.

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