Life Counts: AUL Action’s Ad Campaign

March 16, 2010

The links below are to the print ads run today in eight congressional districts around the country as part of an AUL Action advertising campaign.

Update:  Six other ads ran later in the week. These focused on the list below.

Dr. Charmaine Yoest, President and CEO of AUL Action, has also recorded an audio message about the campaign that can be found here.

Links to and excerpts of media coverage are below.

New York Times

Americans United for Life, an anti-abortion group, is planning a major print advertising campaign to pressure rank-and-file House members to vote against the Democrats’ big health care legislation unless it includes tighter restrictions on insurance coverage for abortions.

The ad shows a picture of a tiny, naked baby being held up in the palms of two hands. “When it comes to voting for health reform,” the ad says, “we know you have your hands full.”


The House Democrats who are the focus of the first wave of advertising are Representatives Jerry F. Costello of Illinois; Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Baron P. Hill of Indiana, Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, Alan B. Mollohan of West Virginia, Earl Pomeroy of North Dakota, Nick Rahall of West Virginia and Charles Wilson of Ohio.

“The health care bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives prevents taxpayer-funded abortion,” the ad says. “The U.S. Senate health care bill — on the other hand — does allow your tax dollars to pay for abortion. Those are stark differences with serious consequences.”

The ads urge constituents to call the lawmakers and tell them to vote against the Senate legislation, which may be part of a budget reconciliation package.


Americans United for Life, the nation’s oldest pro-life advocacy organization, will roll out a $350,000 print, online and grassroots campaign initially aimed at eight Democratic lawmakers, who supported Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak’s amendment to the House health care reform bill.


The group also plans online ads and is also calling and texting voters in each of the districts with this message, “This is a pro-abortion bill and we need them to contact their representatives to vote no,” Yoest said.

The group is also blasting its email list asking supporters to print out a copy of the print ad and hand deliver it to their lawmaker’s office.

Other coverage:
Life News

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