Taxpayers Forced to Fund Abortion Under President’s Plan

March 3, 2010

Statement of Dr. Charmaine Yoest

“This announcement marks the President’s latest attempt to mislead the public on abortion. Last September, he promised taxpayers that no public funds would go to pay for abortion. He has since pushed strongly for the pro-abortion Senate health care bill, released his own health care proposal, and announced today’s revised proposal – all three plans are a radical move to establish taxpayer-funded abortion. In the confusion of the health care debate, one thing is clear – the President is firmly committed to advancing taxpayer-funded abortion while continuing to claim otherwise.”

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Sharon R. Hancock March 3, 2010 at 2:27 pm

I think that President Obama would do well for himself and this country by looking into the history of Planned Parenthood and what their original intent was and is. Planned Parenthhood’s office locations should be enough to convince him of their true goal. This organization was started to abort babies of minority and other poor people. It simply amazes me that this particiular President would be on board with that agenda. If you are in a position to talk with him, please take him information concerning the history of Planned Parenthood, maybe you can make him see the reality. Thank you.

Terri Murrell March 3, 2010 at 2:32 pm

President Obama,
Please do not enforce your views on abortion on the Judeo Christian community. If women want to abort a pregnancy, it should be their responsibility, not the tax payer

DK Hudgins March 3, 2010 at 2:49 pm

President Obama, How would you have liked it if your wife wanted to abort one of your children? You claim to be a born-again Christian, READ YOUR BIBLE, ABORTION IS MURDER. Do not tax us anymore, you are breaking us.

Sofia Robinson March 3, 2010 at 2:51 pm

I’m sure these babies are just loving all that “hope” you promised.

Mary Alice McDavid March 3, 2010 at 4:55 pm

Abortion is not an option of birth control. Life is sacred.

Lucy Gurrola March 5, 2010 at 10:51 am

I sent this message to NM Senators/Representatives. I know they are going to vote yes, because they want to say they passed something…

It appalls me to know that the President will allow any type of abortion legislation to be in this Healthcare bill. How “SNEAKY” is that.

This is a separate matter and issue and should NOT be in a Healthcare bill. Inclusion of the Stupak Amendment is the only possible remedy to these serious problems. I, along with the vast majority of the people of the United States of America oppose this, but yet none of you in Congress is listening.

What is the “TRUTH”? If you sit down and contemplate this simple question, and you come to the conclusion that using taxpayer’s money to fund this outrageous act is “OK” then you Sir…Do NOT know the “TRUTH”. I will NOT allow this Administration and for that matter you, if you vote for this to drag me into this bloodshed act.

I fear for the direction that this Country is heading into. It doesn’t matter about pointing fingers at Democrats or Republicans. BOTH sides have failed us, and I fear that with ALL the “SNEAKY” things that are done behind closed doors to satisfy the few (mostly lobbyist and Congressmen), we the people are the ones who suffer.

Do not get me wrong, we need a Healthcare Plan. But, this is NOT the one. You may not agree with me, but when it collapses, and you yet ask for more taxpayer’s money to fund what we know is going to bankrupt us…do not come to me for your vote.

New Mexico

Agnes B. Golembiewski March 5, 2010 at 1:39 pm

What is disconcerting is that President Obama has promised transparency during his campaign. So much has happened behind closed doors. That’s not the definition of transparency. Bribery seems to have played an important part in swaying senators/representatives to “cave”. I admire Representative Bart Stupak for standing by his convictions. I pray that more will join him in defending the life of the unborn.

Thomas V. Gray March 7, 2010 at 5:30 pm

Health Care Issues

The health care debate is raging based on emotional issues and political agendas. Being a person whose education is based in logical thinking( liberal arts and law), there seems to be too much irrational lobbying on both sides. I offer the following thoughts to illustrate. I first need to make it clear that I do not oppose true health care reform. I have every reason to support it. My 42 year old son has terminal cancer. There is every reason to believe that his cancer would have been detected and cured if affordable health insurance was available to everyone. Without getting into all the details, he lost his health insurance through circumstances beyond his control, and ultimately that caused a delay in diagnosing and treating his cancer, which is highly curable with early treatment. I believe we need health care reform to address situations like his.

There are many issues that appear to be the stumbling blocks to health care reform. Two of them are the cost of the program and abortion. I realize abortion is an emotional subject and I personally have strong feelings about it, but I want to address it unemotionally, tie it into the cost issue, and limit the issue to elective abortion. President Obama said in his speech on health care that there would be no increase in Federal spending for abortion. And yet, his own party leaders have tried to include coverage directly or indirectly. The House bill with the Stupak-Pitts provision specifically addressed this. The Democratically sponsored Senate bill does not, would provide for coverage that does not exist today, and in effect increase abortion costs to all citizens. Are the President and his party leaders on different pages. If the President was so emphatic it his statement, shouldn’t the legislative language be just as emphatic? If it is not, there is reason to believe that someone is trying to get coverage through the back door.

I understand that elective abortion coverage is available now to those who want to pay to include it in their personal policy. So why is it necessary to have the Government or tax payers or other members of health plans subsidize this coverage? “Elective” abortion is not health care. It is a lifestyle choice. Since it is available, why do abortion supporters want it in the health care bill? It is not about the right to have an abortion. Whether I agree with it or not, the right exists today. The argument is presented for the coverage as a right to an abortion. It is not about abortion “rights“. It is about getting someone else to pay for a lifestyle. Who would use this new coverage? People who want to engage in sexual activity without all the contraceptive methods that are available. People that make mistakes and do not want to pay the price for their mistake? We all make mistakes, but there are no “rights” without “responsibilities”. And how can this not increase the costs of the program dramatically?

I am sure elective abortions are done for a variety of reasons. I have no specific data, but there is no doubt that many of them are basically after- conception birth control by women that , for whatever reason , do not desire to have a child. Often this will be for pregnancy out of wedlock or instability in the marital relationship. How ironic is it that some of the very people who advocate for these rights were born in circumstances that are now the basis for elective abortions. In other words, if elective abortion had been available and subsidized at the time of their birth, they might not be here. If not them personally, then friends or loved members of their families. For that matter, given the circumstances of his birth, President Obama, in a world of subsidized elective abortion, might not have been born himself. This is not intended as a cheap shot at him or his mother. She has every reason to be proud of him and all he has achieved. That is the point. She was an 18 year old unmarried student at the time of his conception. Although she married his father 3 months later, the marriage was obviously tenuous. In fact, his mom did not know it, but his father was still married to a woman in Kenya. When President Obama was only 5 months old, his mother was living as a single mom in Seattle and his father was in Massachusetts. Two years later, there was an uncontested divorce. Fast forward to 2010 with elective abortion available under national health care, would the President’s mom, given her circumstances, consider an elective abortion? I make no judgment of her or what she would have done. I merely present this because of the irony that we might never have had the benefit of his presence in this world. I am sure there are some past or present members of Congress that fall in this category as well, and abortion rights advocates too. There are dollar costs and there are losses to our society. How many presidents, scientists, teachers and other valued citizens would we lose.

There are other options like adoption and people anxious and able to adopt who have to wait and maybe never have the chance. I have 2 sisters and a daughter who could not conceive and adopted after long waits. Their children are good people. What a shame if they would have been kept from our lives because elective abortion was covered by national health insurance.

In conclusion, what is the rationale for substantially increasing the cost of the health care reform bill by including the lifestyle benefits of elective abortion? Just from a cost standpoint, it should be the first item excluded from coverage. President Obama stated emphatically that health care reform would not increase Federal spending for abortion. Will he and his supporters stay true to this promise? The Senate bill explicitly contradicts his statement. The final bill will be the litmus test for how much we can believe the President’s promises.

Gregory April 5, 2010 at 5:01 pm

Your ‘push-poll’ is a lie! Since when is breaking the 8th commandment proper behavior for god-fearing Christians?

BY EXECUTIVE ORDER, no taxpayer money is spent on abortions. Are you really this stupid and dogmatic?

I am pro life and I support President Obama!!!

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