VIDEO: Dr. Yoest on Fox News about the military and the morning-after pill

February 8, 2010

The video below is a news story from Friday night (2/5/10) aired on Special Report on Fox News Channel. Dr. Charmaine Yoest, President and CEO of AUL Action, is interviewed in the story, which was on the military requiring health care facilities to stock the morning-after pill. More information on this topic can be found here.

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Sally Ramirez February 8, 2010 at 1:05 pm



Elena February 10, 2010 at 12:19 pm

There is only one safe and effective method to prevent pregnancies–ABSTAIN!

Nerdse February 18, 2010 at 11:01 am

I was infertile for 11 yr. If these women insist on disobeying God’s law, why not allow families like ours was to adopt their babies – without coming back in a year or 2 carrying on about taking the baby back (& winning in court to boot).

It’s no wonder kids are confused, these ones who do things like have the baby & throw it in the trash – the only difference between them & partial birth/3rd trimester abortions is that they didn’t pay a doctor to do it; since the doctor doesn’t get money, they’re murderers, but if they pay a doctor, it’s fine to kill the baby!

Plus, you can have 2 pregnant women in adjacent emergency room bays, both 6 mo. pregnant, & one has an abortion when they could carry to term while the other has a sick preemie that might die. The irony doesn’t escape them.

And abortions aren’t safe. First trimester abortions, they don’t always clean the table with a bleach solution; they just wipe it off with the soiled paper from the last woman that was on the exam table, pull down fresh paper, & do the next one. The doctors don’t wash hands all the time; some of them just change gloves. The standard is sanitize between patients, & wash your hands before putting on clean gloves for a new patient. Most of the time the doctors demand cash – they don’t report it as income, so it’s tax free. If the woman gets an infection, she can’t sue, because there’s no way to prove she didn’t disobey them & didn’t avoid intercourse for a certain period of time. If they do come to the hospital, they’re often left to die. No lawsuit against abortion doctors ever succeeds. And no one wants to give them antibiotics for an infection they likely caused. That’s bad publicity for abortion clinics. It makes people think abortion might not be very safe. They don’t want that. So, they’ll let a woman die & chart that by the time the woman got there, it was too late. Well, I know of one case definitely where the woman was simply put in a bed & the doctors wouldn’t answer any of the pages; we had to go all the way up the authority structure to force a doctor to come – but it was too late.

Here’s where the money is, & if you want to know why something’s going on, follow the money. The slightest thing goes wrong with a child that they can put the most tenuous connection to an event during the child’s birth, & the hospital, obstetrician, the nurses & others in the delivery or C-section room, can all be sued to the point where they lose their homes, sometimes their licenses; spouses leave them; the shadow of having possibly damaged a baby during birth follows them & they don’t get custody or, sometimes, even visitation rights for any children they have. So, for bringing a new life into the world, something goes wrong years later that could be related to the birth but is much more likely something random, the doctors & nurses lose a good reputation, & can lose their homes, families, sometimes their licenses. Their malpractice insurance is sky high, so they don’t make as much as other specialists to begin with.

Meanwhile, abortion doctors can quite literally get away with a double murder – the unborn child & the mother (as noted above) – keep at least some money tax free, & never have to worry about a lawsuit. They can talk themselves into it so easily: The child wouldn’t be wanted anyway. It’s one less abused or neglected child. The child’s better off dead. The mother won’t stop how she’s doing (& many don’t; I’ve taken care of patients who have claimed 13 abortions as if it was some sort of warped “Guinness Book” record they’re aiming to break.

Saline is the worst. Try putting water on your skin that’s roughly twice as salty as the ocean. It would burn & your skin’s thicker than that of an unborn child. Once, I worked on a unit that took abortion patients. I was going to ask for a change but God put a check on my spirit & told me to take care of the abortion case – a supposedly late 2nd trimester saline abortion, but her own description sounded more like early 3rd trimester. We talked; she’d been told her medications might damage the baby, but she was having 2nd thoughts. Much too late. I continued to listen. I was able to witness to her & get her to give her life to Jesus – something I would never have imagined would be part of my day in such a setting. We talked about her being abstinent in her new life in Christ, attending church, asking God for guidance on marriage & children. To bring someone to Jesus is always joy.

BUT…I had to check to see if she was having contractions yet. I could feel the baby’s movements, the frantic thrashing as the child was chemically burned alive. It was a relief when it stopped, & I prayed the Lord would take that poor innocent into His arms & soothe him/her.

I still have night mares. When you wait 11 yr for God to give you one child, when you would have welcomed 6, & you see this profligate, short-sighted waste, it makes you angry & sad. So many infertile couples would welcome those babies, even accede to an open adoption.

The other waste is that, somewhere along the line, we’ve possibly killed a cancer reseacher who could cure the disease or find better ways to fight it. We might have cured AIDS, found a way to make paralyzed people able to walk, found better sources of clean energy…but we’ve killed millions of people in a genocide borne of people with no self control, who think murder is the answer.

Our best defense is to witness. The young woman for whom God urged me to care now has a new life in Christ. She has a chance to share with many others who might choose abstinence as a new lifestyle, or choose not to abandon abstinence. She was initially astounded that I would choose to obey a God Who sent me to her, instead of condemning her. The world thinks we hate women.

Do we? Or will we go out & tell them we hate abortion, but we extend love to those who chose it – likely out of fear. A woman is very emotionally vulnerable during pregnancy. It’s easy to plant the suggestion that the baby is better off dead than with you. And since many women have a low sense of worth, they buy that. If they knew how valuable they are to Jesus, they would never fall for the lines men feed them to get their way without having any responsibility. And if they made a mistake & got pregnant, they would know God would forgive them, & that they have choices, & it wouldn’t be so easy to talk them into the unwise, cruel choice of abortion.

How do I know? Remember all those years of infertility? When I got pregnant, I was 36. I had been diagnosed (wrongly) with lupus. I was overweight. I WAS TOLD I NEEDED TO HAVE AN ABORTION. And, I WAS “WRITTEN UP” AS A NONCOMPLIANT PATIENT BECAUSE I REFUSED. I was too fat, too old, & didn’t “deserve” to have a child – yet, the insurance that recommended abortion for my case was the same insurance that had paid for years of infertility workups, the intention of which was to get me pregnant! The obstetrician couldn’t dismiss me, but he didn’t care anymore what happened to my baby, & I had to find another doctor. When I got my records to carry to the new doctor, I noticed that the note I’d clearly seen written about my being advised to abort & refusing, making me noncompliant. The records had been altered.

My miracle baby is a couple years older than Tim Tebow. I think that, ever since abortion became an easy, cheap out that doctors could easily find reasons to recommend, any mother at risk for any reason isn’t likely to be given decent care if they refuse the “easy out” of abortion. It takes courage, it takes insistence, & it’s not easy – but oh! soooo worth it.

Life always is.

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