Showdown: Congressman Stupak says he has votes to kill health care if abortion included

October 26, 2009

Pro-life Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI) says he has enough votes to bring down health care reform if language specifically prohibiting funding of abortion is not adopted by the House.

In order to bring health care reform up for a vote, the House must agree to rules on what amendments can be brought up for debate when the bill is considered on the House floor.  Stupak says that if the rule does not allow for his amendment to prohibit federal funds from being directed to plans that cover abortion, he will block the bill.

“If all 40 of us vote in a bloc against the rule—because we think the Republicans will join us—we can defeat the rule,” Stupak stated flatly.

Congresswoman Slaughter, who runs the House Rules Committee, has told Stupak that there is “no way” his amendment will be considered.

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Rev. David Cheung October 29, 2009 at 10:27 am

It is rather ludicrous to include abortion in health care plan. Health care, as the name suggests, is to preserve peoples’ health. How can funding be provided for the removal of life in the name of health care. Not only it is ludidrous, it is also ridiculous and senseless. I wonder how the Democratic leadership in Congress can favor that. Does it not bother the speaker and the Senate Majority to have abortion included in the Health care bill? Should it not bother the President too? I am totally against incluidng abortion in Health Care.

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