FOCA by stealth

April 17, 2009

This is the eleventh entry in a series on FOCA by Stealth by AUL Vice President of Legal Affairs, Denise M. Burke. The entire article from which this series is taken is available at Beware of “FOCA-By-Stealth”: Radical Abortion-on-Demand Agenda Being Implemented Piecemeal.

Efforts to Reform the Healthcare System

President Obama has consistently maintained that a complete overhaul of the nation’s healthcare system is one of his top priorities. He has already taken steps to bring about his expansive vision of universal healthcare coverage, including comprehensive abortion and family planning services funded by taxpayer dollars.

On March 5, 2009, President Obama hosted the White House Health Care Summit, purporting to bring together 150 healthcare leaders, including key members of his Cabinet, White House staffers, members of Congress, and others to discuss how to reform the nation’s healthcare system. Among those invited to participate was Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, along with other abortion supporters. Notably, the President asked no pro-life healthcare group to participate.

During the Summit, Richards opined that healthcare reform must ensure women have “access to comprehensive family planning and reproductive healthcare”—more code words for unrestricted and unregulated abortion-on-demand. She also promoted universal healthcare including abortion services funded by taxpayer dollars. This was not Richards’ first opportunity to expound on her vision of comprehensive, taxpayer-funded “reproductive healthcare.” In August 2008, she addressed the Platform Committee of Democratic National Committee, then-chaired by Janet Napolitano, now a member of President Obama’s Cabinet.

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