AUL Action Joins Forces with Freedom2Care

March 27, 2009

AUL and AUL Action are participating organizations in the coalition, Freedom 2 Care, found at This coalition’s goal is “To educate and persuade the public, policy makers and the medical community regarding conscience rights in healthcare.

AUL and AUL Action exhort the coalition for the value they place on “preserving historic American civil rights and freedoms in the field of healthcare.”

The coalition has divided their goals into both immediate and long term. The immediate goal is “to protect the federal ‘provider conscience’ regulation finalized in December 2008 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.”

Freedom2Care’s long term goals seek to educate the public, policy makers, and the medical community on the importance of conscience rights in healthcare.

Similar to AUL, Freedom 2 Care has many ways to take both immediate and long term action on the issue of conscience rights. To learn more, visit their website,

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