Testimony on the Impact of IL FOCA-House Bill 2354

March 12, 2009

By Clarke Forsythe, Esq., Senior Counsel

I testified on March 11 before the Illinois House Human Services Committee against the Illinois FOCA, HB 2354, in conjunction with Mary Louise Kurey, Director of the Respect Life Office of the Chicago Archdiocese.  

My testimony can be accessed here .  

Following the federal FOCA in much of its critical language, the IL FOCA would nullify all regulations on abortion in IL, including the physician-only law.   If enacted, it would allow any nurse to do abortions in any pubilc school in IL at any time of pregnancy, without parental knowledge, and then immunizes the nurse against any suit by a parent or a woman injured.  Surprisingly, the sponsors didn’t have the courage of their convictions and repeatedly denied that the bill meant what the text plainly says.   As expected by the makeup of the stacked committee, the committee approved the FOCA, 5-2.  

Representatives Cole, Howard, Collins, Flowers, and the committee chair Rep. Jakobsson voted for the FOCA; Representatives Bellock and Schmitz voted against.  The FOCA bill now goes to the Illinois House.

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